Meet Chrissy

OBM | Systems | Operations

Hey There, Happy to have you here!

I'm Chrissy, your systems and operations specialist. I help overwhelmed women CEOs create & deliver impeccable experiences and streamline their processes through scalable business systems, strategic workflows & intentional automation!

I started my business a few years ago with a solid goal to use my skills, experience, and expertise to support high-level women CEOs so that they can show up confidently to serve their clients, scale their operations, and consistently hit their revenue goals. 

Over the years, I've had the amazing opportunity to help visionary women CEOs automate their business backend, streamline their business processes, create intentional experiences, and execute their day-to-day business operations with ease. The best part is that when we work together, you will no longer need to work IN your business 24/7 as you will now have your organized processes and streamlined workflows to take over your repetitive tasks and save you time so that you can focus on your zone of genius, revenue-generating activities and most importantly spending more time with your precious family.


If you're seeking transformational support, then I look forward to helping you create intentional experiences through sustainable business systems.


Facts About Me:

  • I'm super introverted

  • I was a Financial Advisor at one of the top financial corporations in the caribbean.

  • Business owners come to me when they need structure, automation, and organization.

  • I'm passionate about serving women CEOs

Company Values


I promise to always be truthful and display ethical values at all times.


I will build and nurture an honest and open relationship with our clients. 


I will always be transparent in the way we conduct business with each client.


I value and treat all my clients with the utmost respect and accountability. 

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